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Why Commission a Bellwoods Press book?

Well, there are lots of reasons, actually. Not all of them will apply to you, specifically, so we’ll list them in no particular order:

Are you considering it as a gift?

1. Great writing, like great painting, brings a depth and luster to portraiture that speaks for itself. This is really the unprecedented offering of Bellwoods Press, which is the first small publisher to offer profiles by a critically acclaimed author.

2. People flourish when they’re interviewed. (I don’t mean the pesky, aggressive questioning by news reporters. I mean gentle, conversational interviews that are open-ended, and last through a couple of cups of coffee.) Older people in particular, often haven’t been prodded for years about their memories and insights. The experience gives them a lovely opportunity to reflect. As a journalist, I’ve seen people come alive through this process. It’s a gift that you, as a commissioning family member, can give that has very deep value.

3.  You may have a relative who doesn’t want to tell their story, but who has a passion that is special to them. Perhaps they have painted or gardened or cooked or collected antiques. By photographing and transforming their vocation into a pictorial coffee book, you provide them with a tremendous sense of pride. (We know; we’ve seen it.)

4. Books last. Digital media does not. If a book is well-designed and custom-bound, it will be a treasure that reaches great, great grandchildren — who will one day be wanting to know a story about who they are.

Are you considering it for you?

1. Many accomplished people, with really interesting life experience, hit a wall nowadays when it comes to the big commercial publishers. The Houses, as they’re traditionally called, are operating on razor-thin margins and need to turn a profit. They have to be convinced that your story will sell thousands and thousands of copies.

That’s hard, and unnecessarily humiliating, particularly for people who are highly esteemed.

You know whom you want to reach – so just do it.

2. Some people have a legacy of experiences and observations they want to leave, but they aren’t writers. That’s not their thing, it’s too complicated, so they put the story aside. A Bellwoods Press profile solves that problem.

Read what some of our clients and book recipients have to say.

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