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“Bellwoods Press began when I wrote a magazine-length personal profile of a woman in her eighties at the request of her son,” says Patricia Pearson, whose writing has appeared in The New Yorker and the New York Times, among innumerable publications.

“This was his gift to his mother, to have an acclaimed professional author hold a lens to her life so that she could see it in a way that she hadn’t considered before. She enjoyed our long conversations, inviting her to revisit places and people she hadn’t thought of for years; I enjoyed shaping her story, finding its meaning and pattern; the extended family loved reading my take, on a woman they adored but hadn’t stopped to contemplate from an outsider’s perspective. Ambrose, meanwhile, took delight in designing a beautiful keepsake in what is nowadays more often a throw-away digital world.
Perhaps you know someone who isn’t aware of how deeply they’ve touched others’ lives. Or maybe you have your own wisdom to convey.”

Allow us to create an excellent, visually arresting read based on a combination of interviews, photo selection and historical research. Bellwoods Press also edits and designs memoirs, personal histories, collections of letters, poetry, recipes and art.

Bellwoods Press manages all aspects of the process, from editing, copy-editing and proofing to producing the printed book.

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