“Working with Patricia and Ambrose was a treat. The book they produced was not just beautifully written, crafted and designed, but they did it in record time with grace, humour and flair.  What I commissioned was also to be kept a total surprise (from the other side of the planet) so the efforts that the two had to go was at times more Ludlam than Atwood.  Seeing her face when my partner opened the leather bound book, incredulous, reading those beautiful words about herself…You can guarantee I’m dining out on that with friends and with her for a very long time.” Joanna Kerr

“Ambrose Pottie at Bellwoods Press was our graphic designer, photo editor, and coach when it came to publishing our family history. We would never have been able to do it without his professionalism and infinite patience! The final product is beautiful. Everyone is happy and the project came in on budget. I will definitely be working with Bellwoods Press again.”
Amélie Crosson-Gooderham

“Patricia Pearson is a kind and thoughtful interviewer. She made my mother comfortable enough to open up, and the results were unexpectedly interesting and dramatic. We were all very pleased.” Bill Rogers, LLB

“Patricia Pearson made our family history read like a great novel.” Bea Morris

And what media critics say:

“Pearson is a daredevil on the page; her prose somersaults and vaults, does splits and juggles, keeping the reader entertained by her wit and amazed by her dexterity.” — Newsday

“Major points for wit and flair.” — New York Times

“Pithy, and highly intelligent.” — Elle magazine

“Splendid.” – London Observer

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